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  1. Geldingadalur

    Geldingadalur 23.03.2021

  2. Gjáarétt

    Gjáarétt 14.03.2021 Exploration of ice pick caves and grounding in moss.  Note: 5.4 magnitude earthquake went unnoticed (5.4 km SW of Fagradalsfjall).

  3. Eskines

    Eskines / Gálgahraun 24.01.2021  Gálgahraun ends to the sea filled with several size grass patches and pits. It is pleasant to walk on grass plates when there are hardened with subzero temperature. The crispy air feels clean and the sun makes the sea look blue divided the Reykjavik and Kópavogur…

  4. Víkurholt

    Víkurholt / Heiðmörk 04.03.2021  From the Víkurholt hilltop was a view to Helgafell and Keilir and all the lava fields between and around (Óbrinnishólahraun, Hvassahraun). - strangely I heard singing for a few seconds when approaching the hilltop. The ground was shaking in pulses continuously, however, I did not feel…

  5. Selatangar

    Selatangar 11.01.2021  I wanted to re-experience the soundscape of breaking waves and sea at Selatangar in Reykjanes.  I found fascinating the sound of pebbles moving by the waves creating kind of music of breathing that I remembered from this place.   It was afternoon when I went there and the sun…

  6. Álftanes

    Álftanes / 20.10.2020 Visiting my favourite place in Álftanes. When the tide is low the aesthetic pleasures for the eye are in reach. If you only look down and enter the microworlds.  Sand, water, flow, time, light, movement 5,6 A seal appeared.  We were staring at each other in curiosity

  7. Helgufoss

    Helgufoss / 19.10.2020  Visiting Helga The Helgufoss waterfall is located on the Mosfellsdalur by the Flatafjell mountain.   The waterfall is named after Helga Bárðardóttir who was the daughter of  Bárðr Snæfellsáss the guardian spirit of Snæfellsnes (Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss). Helga lives in shadows most of the year accompanied…

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