Aleksi Jaakkola

b. 1973

Who I am:

I am a father of one child. I love cooking, long walks, watching sea, admiring mountains, looking horizon.

What I do:

I am exploring places and spaces. I narrate and create value for unexpected things and phenomenon through my works. I do talk with stones, I photograph, make notes, draw with ink, collect objects and experiences. At times, I simply do nothing.  


I am a visual artist based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Landscape, places, nature, north, natural processes, and correlation are the subject matter of my practice. I do talk with stones, I admire mountains and seeking horizons, the journey is a part of the experience. I am trying to seethrough an invisible curtain. The north is echoing in me, where the sounds of silence are filling the space.

Altogether, through my art, I would like to draw attention to equality between humans and nature. Creating interconnections and narrations, for instance, by communicating with stones helps one to understand it's own relationship within the surrounding world. The knowing creates narratives, fictional or factual, at the same time it generates value and changes the perception of how we experience our environment. With stories and the language of arts, I want to create a dialogue.
–How nature sees us, trees, places, water, and light, – what they can tell us.

My artistic practice focuses on creating meanings and correlations. Through employing a pragmatic, experience-based method for producing knowledge, which is combined with other information creates a new perception that then I present by artistic means.

Curriculum vitae


2013 - 2017 MA, Master’s Degree Programme in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) / (Environmental Art), Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

2010 – 2013 Degree of Contemporary Art, Taidekoulu Maa, Helsinki, Finland.

1998 – 2003 Bachelor of Arts, English Language and British Culture with History, Middlesex University, London, UK.

Exhibitions/ Screenings/ Performances (selected):

2022 Exhibition; "Diagraphein - to mark out by line", SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

2021 Performance; ”Cross-section” RAFLOST festival, Iceland

2020 Exhibition; "Eyes Closed Snæfjellsnes", SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

2019 Performance; ”Koli tasting / Kansallisromantikot”, Kehä – performance festival, Oulu. 

2019 Art Fair; ”Art Fair Suomi 19” Cable Factory, Helsinki.

2017 Exhibition; ”Kansallisromantikot – The Essence of Koli” Galleria Huuto, Helsinki. 

2017 Art Fair; ”Art Fair Suomi 2017” Cable Factory, Helsinki.

2017 Performance; ”Kansallisromantikot Piispanen & Jaakkola” Angakoq III, SIC galleria, Helsinki. 

2016 Exhibition; ”Autochtones – Ääreläiset” Galleria Gjutars, Vantaa.

2016 Exhibition; ”Facination for Biodiversity - 12thEnvironmental Art Exhibition, Kivinokka” Helsinki. 

2015 Art Fair; ”Art Fair Suomi 15”, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

2015 Exhibition; ”Lantern Park”, LUX Helsinki 2015, Helsinki.

2014 Exhibition; “The Last Lingonberry – 11th Environmental Art Exhibition of Kivinokka” Helsinki. 

2014 Exhibition; “Trip In the Bag” Gallerie Toolbox, Berlin, Germany.

2013 Screening; ”Paths” Tonlistarhatiðin Omkvornin, Consert Hall Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland. 

2013 Graduation Exhibition; “AUTOFOKUS” L3 Makasiini Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

2012 Performance: “Free Dinner” Là-bas Biennale, Market Square, Helsinki. 

2012 Exhibition; “Ground project; Forget Me!”, Galeria Aula, Poznan, Poland.

2011 Live Radio Performance: “Raadiobeat: Tune it Right, Dear Listener!”, Experimental Radiophonics at Silakka Radio Show, Helsinki Lähiradio.

2010 Live Video Screening; “De Rerum Natura”, Video Visuals for live concert by ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ, Alternative Party, Cartes Flux Festival, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Public Art:

2018 Public art work / sculpture; ”Ämmänpäre”, Municipality of Suomussalmi, Finland.


2020 – SÍM Association of Icelandic Visual Artists

2018 – The Bioart Society

2014 – Artists’ Association MUU


2022 Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2021 Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2020 Kone Foundation

2018 Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2015 Helsinki City Cultural Grant

2014 Aalto University, Travel grant 

2013 Finnish Cultural Foundation

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