Eskines / Gálgahraun 24.01.2021 

Gálgahraun ends to the sea filled with several size grass patches and pits. It is pleasant to walk on grass plates when there are hardened with subzero temperature. The crispy air feels clean and the sun makes the sea look blue divided the Reykjavik and Kópavogur silhouette from the sky blue. Moon has come out and occasionally an aeroplane is ascending towards the city airport. 

I make my path through the lava field where I found traces of dwelling between rocks. I visit the highest point nearest the sea before heading to the strand.

I was drawn to the seashore and started to walk as close to the water as possible. Consequently, I found myself from Eskines, a grassy peninsula that during a high tide is more a drowning island. There I found many seashells on the grass and I was fascinated by their blue shiny colour. 

Eskines is dominated by a lava rock formation that creates a wall like a shelter from the wind. Other noticeable things there were a lorry wheel and a lonely standing rock that I was drawn to.

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