Selatangar 11.01.2021 

I wanted to re-experience the soundscape of breaking waves and sea at Selatangar in Reykjanes. 

I found fascinating the sound of pebbles moving by the waves creating kind of music of breathing that I remembered from this place.  

It was afternoon when I went there and the sun was low. The land had a thin snow cover and the lava fields around looked calm with high contrast between snow and dark lava. The waves weren’t so strong and the rhythm was pleasant to follow with my own breathing.

When abroaching the beach a raven was guarding the place against the top of Lava hill on side of the walking path. 

I noticed a lava spike that did not have snow on the bottom part (possible heat spot there).  

Due to the low tide, strand rocks had an ice formation that I was attracted to that somehow turned to be animated more I was watching them. 

I finished my exploration to the top of the cliffs by the beach. The setting sun was creating long shadows that turned blue against the white-yellow hued snow.

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