Eyes Closed Snæfellsnes

In July 2020 I did a sensorial research project into Snæfellsnes in Iceland. The method was to conduct two separate field trips. First lasted four days when I travelled around the peninsula wandering intuitively. As a result, I was drawn into places where I meditated, took naps, observed the environment without hurry and expose myself to the essences of the loci.

According to the objectives, I would gather more insight from other sources after the first field trip. For this particular project, I decided to dive into literature, which where; a saga “Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss” and a novel by Halldor Laxness “Under the Glacier”. Significantly, I felt connected to Bárðar from the saga, as well, to Embi (Emissanary of the bishop of Iceland) from Laxness novel.

In the second field trip that took five days, I continued with the same method as in the first field trip, yet the difference was that empathizing with Bárðar and Embi I felt integrated within the landscape. As a result, I encountered peculiar synchronicities, happenings and strange situations as I would be part of the landscape.

This was part of the SÍM residency program in Iceland.

Under the Glacier (excerpt), video, 16:08 HD colour, stereo, 2020

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