Live performance with animation, video and sound composition, duration 12', 2021

The cross-section is a visual journey that dives into a Pear by cutting edge observations. Layer by layer this performative investigation explores the fruit.

The cross-section includes an assembled animated video work interacting with the performer in a live situation. The soundscape was made with a brown noise composition combined with the pear's resonance frequencies and sounds created by interaction with the pear and electric current. The animation takes the viewer into the pear's inner world through a dive from bottom to top while the performer is using the knife. Consequently, the examination destroys the fruit. 

Everyday life is an inspiration to this work. Cutting various fruits and vegetables with the knife has unbound a new sensorial and visual world. Each fruit has its embedded characteristics and frequency. What if we could learn to read what the fruits are telling us with cross-sectioning. The visual look, scents and tastes are the first steps for understanding the essences.

Raflost festival / Icelandic Festival of Electronic Arts, 2021

Excerpt from the "Cross-section" performance, 15.05.2021

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