Sense of a Stone

Sense of a Stone was a three-year practice-based research project of a stone located in the middle of Finland. What makes the stone intriguing is its appearance in Akseli Gallen-Kallela's painting "Kullervo's Curse" 1899 and its attributes to the epic poetry of Kalevala.

The aim was to get to know the stone and tell its story.

- Who is this stone? What does it have to say?

The process was guided by Somaesthetics, where the body serves as a central tool in the fieldwork research. The gained insight was enhanced with the literature review expanding over several faculties. Above all, the stone was examined from various perspectives such as an art-object, a nature-object, and a stone-being.

The disclosure of Sense of a Stone project is a single photograph, the tip of the pyramid, an art object, that encapsulates the whole quest.

The Stone Essence, 2016

Read the whole story: "Sense of a Stone" 2017 / Aalto University

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