- to mark out by line

A simplified picturesque landscape with a mountainous horizon line, soft, blurry, hiding the signs of everyday life. 
Barren and broken, with no location. 

It is an object - it is a line.

DIAGRAPHEIN – "to mark out by line" is a presentation of the investigation where a simplified horizon line is a motif and invitation for creating new topographies.

The principal images for "Diagraphein" are snapshots taken from a moving car in Iceland in 2018. The mundanity of the photos is taken further by the reduction of visual elements in the pictures by long-exposure photography with a flashlight and reproduction process —till there is nothing else left in the image than the horizontal line. Finally, the photos are printed in a random combination of two halves to break the last remnants of the original identities.

The clean slopes of the constructed landscapes, line by line, with repetitive and meditative movements, metamorphosis happens —the emergence of new topographies.

"Diagraphein" includes photographs, ink pen line drawings, video animation and a silica gel painting.


Diagraphein (#1-6), 2022
Digital prints, Epson Enhanced Matte Paper, 420mm x 594mm, 192 g, frame Munken Lynx 1,7 mm, glass 2mm


Adaptations - meditations on landscape, #1-6, 2022
Ink pen drawings on 297mm x 420mm200 g/m2 canson paper 

Video animation:

Silica Black and White, 2014, HD 1080 video, 00:03:37 

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