Saana / Arrow Lake 2013

Mapping the Site - Ultimate Space2013

Workshop at Kilpisjärvi, Finland; Mapping the Site – Ultimate Space, 23 – 30.08.2013. Organised by AaltoUniversity, Department of Art & Design.

A lake caught my attention, seen from the high ground on Saana mountain. The appearance of the lake resembled the shape of an arrow. Significantly, the Arrow lake became the centre of my attention. My interconnection to the lake cumulated into a performative intervention: I spent several minutes in the ice cold water, alone, in the middle of the tundra in hypothermic conditions. 

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Where the arrow is pointing? 

I started follow the lead and it was pointing to Pyhä mountain range in the municipality of Pelkosenniemi in eastern Lapland, or more precisely Noitatunturi (Witch mountain).

It was August in 2015 when I followed the Arrow’s direction.

During my activities around Saana an incidence happened, which made me think about the metaphysical aspects of the landscape.

On the southeast slope of Saana was a stone where I placed my camera to record video footage. When positioning the camera on the stone I noticed several animal bones laying on top of it.

Suddenly, my legs got tangled and I landed on a soft vegetation by the stone, which does not happen too often.
That made me think that it was a sign that I should take the camera off. I said discretely sorry for the disturbance and took the camera.

The bones indicates that there has been traditional activities and practices in connection of local life cycle. The bones indicates that the stone is used as a ‘seita’, place for gifts and offerings for local deities and spirits. The Saana mountain is considered as a sacred place in Sami tradition.

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