A compulsory journey without a clear destination. Attraction and magnetism of opposing dominates these journeys. There is no option to stop, on contrary, they must go on ,even thou, the destination is not clear. No paths.

Present times requires better performance, more, faster, to be able to gain things without knowing exactly why. To drop out from this spin would be seen as unacceptable by society.

One can loose sight of their path – continuing to search for a destination The material for the video has been captured as different location as possible, from the dark forest in the oldest bedrock in the earth to an open lava-field in the youngest land in the earth. As a backbone of the video I have created a narrative story of longing seasoned with a beautiful landscape.

This video work has been produced in a way that each video channels could work out as an individual piece as well as together.

Dur: 00:11:14 two channel video: HD 16:9, colour

Sound: surround 5.1

Directing/editing/filming: Aleksi Jaakkola, 

Audio & Music: Finnur Sigurjón Sveinbjarnarson

Performing: Justus Keinänen & Margrét Vala Guðmundsdóttir

Camera assistant: Velijoonas Jokinen


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