Dark Mountain

Hiilivuori, 2015 - 2017 / Hakasalmi Helsinki

A Photographic Study of a Coal Mountain / 

Visual landscape exploration

Multiple black-and-white film photographs have been taken from the same spot for two years resulting in 64 images.

Not just being an essential part of city life - it reflects our culture and the industrial past as a visual statement. However, it is only temporal. - it was born one day, and someday it will disappear. - yet, it will stay alive in memories until forgotten. 'The Dark Mountain' is my contribution to preserving the memory of The Great Mountain of Hakasalmi.


Take black and white film photographs of the coal mountain from the same spot for two years as often as possible. With limits of a chosen angle, focus on the primary subject in the centre of the frame. 


Ilford FP4 Plus ISO 125

Ilford HP5 Plus ISO400


Canon EOS 1000F with zoom lens EF 35-80mm 1:4-5.6.

The project was supported by the City of Helsinki.

 Excerpt from video work Dark Mountain 

'The Dark Mountain' images: